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Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft – Signed Copy

(106 customer reviews)


Purchase a copy of Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft, signed for you by Paul Kirtley. If you would like Paul to add an inscription or dedication, please make sure to type the details of what you would like written into the optional book inscription field on the payment page.

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An easily understandable guide to key skills for bushcrafters, campers, outdoors lovers, and anyone interested in wilderness living. Kirtley, one of the leading bushcraft educators globally, teaches outdoor knowledge through courses, demonstrations, and more. This is his first book, distilling many years of outdoor experience and nearly two decades of teaching wilderness bushcraft skills. Clear and comprehensive chapters deliver wilderness axe skills and campcraft knowledge from start to finish. You’ll begin with learning how to select the correct tools for the task, caring for the tools, then applying everyday axe techniques. Next, learn felling, limbing, and sectioning trees, followed by carving techniques and projects. Then Kirtley teaches campcraft projects large and small. Through detailed explanations and step-by-step photo sequences, you too will be able to develop effective and timesaving campcraft skills using materials freely available in the woods, including pot hangers, tripods, cranes, and a variety of group camp set-ups. An indispensable addition to any bushcraft, woodcraft camping, and outdoor library.

Size: 22.4cm x 25.8cm (8 1/2″ x 10″) | 640 colour photos | 208 pages | ISBN13: 9780764361487

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106 reviews for Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft – Signed Copy

  1. Jason Hutchinson

    Highly Recommended…. 5 STARS from me.

  2. Paul Blackburn (verified owner)

    Paul Kirtley what a lovely well thaught out book of detailed photographs and information. Knowledge to absorb and then put to practice. And that’s only at a glance. And I do like the personal touch to the sighed copies too that makesit even special. . Well done.

  3. Marc Bos

    Hi Paul, what an awesome book you produced.
    Clear explanations and photo’s.

    I stimulates me to go out there and put it in practices.

    Especially liking the Felling and Woodland Campcraft part.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Dan (verified owner)

    Great book with lots of quality pictures backing up the written guidance. I’ll use this book again and again to practice and learn skills. I have even bought a canvas roll that I aim to fill with wooden carved cooking utensils using this book as a guide. If you want to learn about axe and knife skills and camp craft this book is essential.

  5. Phil Parry (verified owner)

    If you’re into bushcraft and specifically camp and axe skills there is a wealth of information that is well laid out, with good pictures and clearly experience led design. Love it! This will be my go-to for axe work and camp craft.

    Top banana Paul!

  6. Simon (verified owner)

    As usual from Paul Kirtley, a well thought out and illustrated guide to axe skills and Bushcraft. Plenty of information and guidance on how to improve campcraft. Thoroughly recommended.

  7. patrick shearman (verified owner)

    great read and well put together highly reckomend people to buy it

  8. Robin Killingsworth (verified owner)

    Its a no nonsense book well presented with great visual photos. Being dyslexic having the writing on a green background has helped me in the reading of the book. I highly recommend this book as its easy to follow

  9. David Pickering (verified owner)

    I have amassed a very respectable library of outdoor books over time. Books from the best known names in the industry for Bushcraft, survival, and outdoor living. This book by Paul Kirtley is the absolute best I have seen in description and brilliant glossy paged color photography. A gorgeous book in photography alone, but packed with brilliant information and knowledge from Paul’s vast experience of teaching, coaching, guiding, and exploring on his own. A must read, and a must addition to the library of any one act outdoors.

  10. Ian Shankland (verified owner)

    A detailed and well explained exploration of the topics with Paul’s usual clarity of writing and excellent photographic illustrations. The emphasis on safety and the reasoning behind the techniques make this a book a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in developing or consolidating their knowledge of this aspect of bushcraft.

  11. Aron Browne (verified owner)

    Anyone who has been lucky enough to be taught by Paul Kirtley will know he has high standards. Those high standards are there for a reason. Your safety and the safety of those around you. His book is no exception. The advice and instruction in this book is of the same high standard. Exactly what you would expect from an accomplished professional.

    The book design and layout is also well thought out with a perfect balance between text and photography. Which makes for an great quick reference guide after a first reading.

    I don’t need to sell this book as Paul Kirtley’s reputation will do that. All I can add is that as a beginner in the world of Bushcraft, this book has proved to be an excellent starting point and one I suspect I will continue to refer to through the years.

    The fact Paul has also dedicated his time to personally sign and write inspirational comments in so many copies of the book just goes to show how much of himself he’s willing to invest in the development and promotion of everything Bushcraft related.

    I for one will be forever thankful for this gift of essential knowledge. Not least because of all the limbs and appendages I’ll retain when using an axe due to his advice.

  12. David (verified owner)

    First impression is it’s a great book, only had time to skim it so far, but the content looks brilliant, I am really looking forward to reading it and trying things out. The book is also really well bound, i expect it will last many years.

  13. James Rogerson (verified owner)

    A fantastic book full of high quality photos and detailed information. Exactly what you expect from Paul, clear concise and perfectly presented.

  14. Paul Richards (verified owner)

    Paul, what a wonderful book with some truly excellent photographs and explanations. This compliments in so many ways information from other sources and gives a fresh outlook on how to get the job done in the safest way possible. Well done. Looks like Ive got Christmas sorted for a couple of family members.

  15. David B Perks (verified owner)

    The information you have included, from such a vast range, is concise, clear and relevant. The photographs illustrating various activities certainly are as well. How you managed to produce a book of this quality and at that price, Paul, I truly do not know. Clearly you are fascinated by what you do and have produced something fascinating. Thank you Paul.
    At 85 your book book has fired me up to at least look after my axes to a better standard and your instructions on how to sharpen a spoon knife is just the information I needed.
    With this book you have given birth to a masterwork and indeed a masterpiece.
    Thank you again.
    Warm regards, Dave.

  16. Gavin Henry (verified owner)

    Stunning quality of all the material in the book. You can really see the passion and knowledge Paul has. Such a fantastic job. Really looking forward to reviewing in detail what I learnt on one of the Frontier Bushcraft courses ( Sturdy enough to take with you into the field too! Beats any web material!


  17. Marcel Lafond (verified owner)

    I received that book yesterday. It was hard to put down, even for just looking at the high-quality photos, with numbered sequences and comments that define the lessons so well. This book is a treasure trove of axe techniques and care, as well as a gem for other very useful campcraft processes and items. Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft is very well written, concise and easy to learn from; I recommend this as a guidebook for the Online Elementary Bushcraft Course that Paul offers (highly recommended as well).
    The axe is an important tool used in wilderness experiences, but also on the homestead, on the farm, and for hunting and camping trips. Having been born and raised in rural Canada, the axe has been a presence from my early years; my mother used it to process wood for the woodstove at home, as did my entire family. I have seen horrible accidents, and have heard of many others, where amputations, and serious injuries have occurred. It is a lovely, robust, and legendary tool, but it is dangerous. What Paul teaches in this book is essential to a safe, enjoyable wilderness trip, and for home chores. The bonus knife skills, knots, tarp work, and campcraft are icing on the cake. Come on! You need this book if you’re serious about Bushcraft.

    You will love it, and refer to it for years to come.


  18. Tom (verified owner)

    This book is simply amazing. When you think you know it all, Paul will always be there to humbly increase your knowledge- this time in glossy full colour book form!

  19. paul warrington

    Fantastic! What a quality book.

    This covers all you would want to know, and every bit of it illustrated. The sections at the back just top this lovely book off nicely.
    Top job as always Paul,

    Many thanks,


  20. Sean Alder-Boral (verified owner)

    Well thought out and laid out guide, lots of quality, illustrative and instructive photo’s that compliment the written guide to woodcraft and toolcraft that compliment and enhance your outdoor skills and activities. I imagine that if you attended a course or woodcraft “workshop session” then this guide would be a perfect partner and excellent aide memoire to lock in skills demonstrated. I can thoroughly recommend this book and it is a very worthy addition to any bushcrafter’s library.

  21. Rob

    Received Paul’s excellent new book as a late Father’s Day gift – well worth the wait. One quick read through has brought many happy memories of an outstanding “Woodcrafter” Frontier Bushcraft course. The book is a thorough, thoughtful and well-illustrated aide memoire for anyone who has done that course, and if you haven’t done it, do it!
    The book’s contents are presented in a clear and engaging manner with plenty of pictures to guide the reader. Each chapter is worth a careful visit. After only a quick glance through my new book I gained one very useful hint: how to fashion a larger spoon (see page 148). Since then I have polished up some knots and planned how to adapt the knife skills pages to use with my Scouts. Over time I am sure that Paul’s clear presentation will help me to improve and then pass on skills in many other areas.
    Buy the book. Read it thoroughly. Learn from Paul, who really knows what he’s writing about.

  22. Marian (verified owner)

    The book just arrived. Very fast shipping. Unfortunately I must payed taxes “from another country” – I live in Slovakia in the middle of Europe. But never mind, because I am exciting! Book is amazing! Thank you very much Paul! Good job, a lot of work behind this book. I also saw your videos on Youtube and some skills are also in this book “a paper variant of your course”. I see, you love your job and this is the best journey of the live and inspiration for all of us… Thank you again. You are my guru!

  23. Kate (verified owner)

    Bought this as a present and was super impressed with how quickly it was personalised and dispatched!
    My partner loves it, and is rather impressed with all the photos that go through the techniques in depth. I am impressed that it’s got information about knife and axe skills that they haven’t come across before.
    Beautifully presented information that’s both useful and insightful.

  24. Lawrence Mcintosh (verified owner)

    A fantastic book with in depth knowledge useful for beginners or advanced step by step how to and photography outstanding I really cant get enough of it I cant put it down thank you Paul for producing it in the first place

  25. Edward Stagner (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the attention to details it’s a nice addition to online Internet ementary Bushcraft Course I’m taking with Paul.He Is a extremely good teacher and this book reflects that fact . I would highly recommend the book and the online course . You’ll gain years of experience without the dirt time . But nothing replaces the dirt time ha ha

  26. Gordon Hamilton (verified owner)

    A fantastic addition to any outdoors persons library. Extremely easy to get into and read all the way through. So much so I read it in two sittings. Great images from just the right angles to really understand what Paul is explaining. With this book you’ll be safe and comfortable with any size of axe and be able to put a laser like edge on it in no time.
    100% recommended.

  27. Russell Brown (verified owner)


    A well-written, comprehensive but accessible book. Just the right amount of detail with clear photography illustrating the text perfectly. The projects and additional online resources compliment the underlying objective of the book, namely how to care for and safely use your axe and other camp tools.

    If you don’t have this book in your library of outdoor activity learning resources, buy it now!

  28. Shayne Phelan (verified owner)

    5 star review because there was no six star review option. Fantastic book in the standard you could only expect from Paul Kirtley. Information aside the book is beautiful and lovely photos. If you don’t have this book you need to get it. Top work Paul

  29. Daniel Lower (verified owner)

    Brilliant absolutely brilliant a great beautiful book. What struck me aside from the great pictures and extraordinary detail is also the passion and love for the craft that comes through. I’ve have other books on bushcraft skills but things tend to be not detailed an after thought. I stagger to think of how many hours it took to put the whole thing together, could only be done I think by someone with a passion for the craft. I am a absolute beginner but am sure am going to find all the lessons incredibly valuable. To get what I’m about buy it and see you won’t regret it.

  30. Paul barrett (verified owner)

    Thanks paul, your book is brilliant, you obviously put a great deal of thought combined with years of experience to make a book like this, weather you are new to Bushcraft or an experienced Bushcrafter, there are parts to this book that will make you go WOW that’s interesting I must give that a go. The pictures are very clear and very good in context. 60 years of camping and I learned a few things. Thanks for your time and effort in making this such a great book.

  31. Gareth (verified owner)

    Really superb book, this is the perfect companion for beginners and professionals alike. There has obviously been a lot of thought in to the presentation of the book, so everything makes sense and is set out sequentially so it is easy to read through what Paul is describing, and reference photos easily too. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is just starting to gain an interest in bushcraft, and to the seasoned woodsman/woman equally. Although focused on axes, there is a huge amount of information included on other topics too (knives, fire, making tools), as well as tips and links for Paul’s online library of videos and in-depth instructions on specific subjects/methods. A perfect standalone reference guide, that also works extremely well alongside other top quality outdoor books by the likes of Ray Mears, Dudley Cooke, and Lars Mytting. A very happy customer!

  32. Steve King (verified owner)

    Powerhouse of a book. Wonderfully put together with superb photographs and fantastic description.
    Paul shares his phenomenal skills & wisdom in this comprehensive manual.
    Something for everyone here…

  33. Kent (verified owner)

    The photographs alone would make this a 5 star rated book, but the amount of information provided in Paul’s usual warm manner is like having a personal conversation about skills with Paul. I have read this book from cover to cover several times, picking up new information each time. Whether you’re an expert or new to bushcraft this is the book for you. I am so pleased to have my copy and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the outdoors.

  34. Ty williams (verified owner)

    Very detailed. And great photography. Will make a great addition to my library.

    Thank you!

  35. Stu (verified owner)

    Excellent book for beginners and people brushing up. Lots of really simple well explained advice and skills based on clear experience of what really works. It will set you up to safely explore the outdoors confidently and competently. After one read my wife was confident enough to use an axe and do some wood carving for the first time.

  36. Tony Luscombe (verified owner)

    Excellent book which is well laid out and easy to follow. Paul should be very proud of this book, I’m looking forward to the many more books which I hope he has planned. (Hint: Paul & Ray Goodwin working on one together would be good!)

  37. Duncan (verified owner)

    First thing to say is Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft is not dog proof. When the post person delivered my copy the 4 legged mutt I choose to live with took an instant dislike and my signed copy now has a series of bite marks!

    I’m not a prolific reader and in fact every book I own fits on one shelf but the first impression of this book was one of quality. The paper, the printing and the colours in the photos really stood out as I quickly thumbed through it (after wrestling it off the dog).

    Over the next couple of weeks I consumed its contents and was massively impressed. The book is somehow technical manual and due to the quality of the photos and printing coffee table fodder in one package. Technics are clearly and safely presented, and the reader gets a real impression of Pauls experience. In the days of the internet real paper books may feel unnecessary but being able to turn off the phone, disconnect the tablet and sit in a quiet space to simply read a book like this is a real pleasure. That said make sure you also look at Pauls other content on the internet. There was a recent video on axe sharpening which was fantastic – I do question Pauls business sense in giving away his knowledge for free in this way, but I’m very thankful he chooses to share willingly to those that are prepared to listen.

    The book has now joined my bookshelf where it shares space with a number of authors some of which Paul mentions in his books introduction, Ray Goodwin, Lars Falt, Ray Mears, John Wiseman. These are books which have stood the strongest test, one of time. Perhaps because the content is based on skills and knowledge developed over hundreds if not thousands of years but I think also due to the authors and their ability explain and teach the technics they practice in a clear relatable way. Ultimately this is a really good book and I hope there are further Kirtley volumes in the future. Who knows maybe even an autobiography of how Paul grew to the be the man he is today.

  38. John Martindale (verified owner)

    For anyone looking to expand upon their existing basic Bushcraft skills this is essential reading.
    The book contains a wealth of information based on Paul’s sound practical experience.
    I will use it both as a reference book to polish up on skills and try some new ones! Clear and concise in its presentation as you would expect from Paul, well thought out with excellent imagery to illustrate the text. Explanation of techniques, their relevant applications and key safety points are well presented.

    More than money well spent, an investment. If you haven’t done the Woodcrafter course that Paul refers to I can highly recommend it if you want to explore the content of this book first hand with Paul and his team of instructors.

  39. Rob Wilkins (verified owner)

    At long last my copy arrived! Worth the wait, for sure. At first glance the book is jam packed with high quality images and content. Looking forward to a cover to cover read through. Great work Paul, thanks for the time and attention to detail you invested in this book.

  40. Cesar (verified owner)

    What really comes through in this book is Paul’s passion for teaching, every step is clearly outlined and the photography is excellent. my experience of working with Paul is that he over-delivers in everything he contributes to the Bushcraft/outdoor world if you have been lucky enough to attend the courses at Frontier you would have experienced this. most of the book is based on his Woodcrafter course which is always oversubscribed because it is so good. Wilderness Axes skills book is packed with step by step techniques, easy to read and a very clear concise index for reference. clear explanations of what to do and how to do it with safety in mind throughout, I have a few books on this subject but this one is ranking at the top alongside my Cliff Jacobson editions, all I can say is thanks for the effort and time and love sweat and tears you undoubtedly put in this book.

  41. Terry Longhurst Bushscout UK

    Well Paul it really has been worth the wait probably one of the best books on the subject a very clear and concise manual full to the brim with excellent photos and clear instruction. I cannot read this without putting your voice to the words 🤷🏼‍♂️ Can’t wait for the next manual maybe fires bow drill 😉 congrats on a great book.

  42. Emily (verified owner)

    As with everything Paul creates, this book is excellent. Paul’s approach to wilderness and bushcraft skills is always methodical, logical and reasonable. The skills he teaches are relevant and always with an eye to the most useful skills and knowledge so that we can get the most out of our time on the land without being overwhelmed with techniques and other tidbits that might only rarely come into play. Being a current student of his Online Elementary Bushcraft course (as well as his Tree and Plant ID Masterclass), I am so far finding this book to be an excellent companion to the online course and not just a repetition of the same stuff. I appreciated his comments at the beginning about the book assuming the reader has the basic knowledge and skills already, and I would concur with that statement. This book will definitely occupy a prized spot in my library! Thanks for such an excellent publication, Paul.

  43. David (verified owner)

    This book is exactly the type of creation one would expect from Paul Kirtley: thorough, thoughtful, and detailed, with a wealth of practical knowledge difficult to find all together in any other place. I am impressed by the organization of the content, the large amount of clear and helpful photographs, and the range of practical skills covered. There is also a high emphasis on safety, which is often far too neglected in other sources. From the concise writing, down to the choice of graphics and even the quality of the paper and binding, this is obviously the work of a true professional who cares about what he produces. Excellent work, Paul, and thank you.

  44. Neil (verified owner)

    Superb book. Brilliant text and photographs. Excellent contents and layout. Linking to online resources a neat touch but not overdone. A must have book for anyone’s Bushcraft/wilderness travel/Boreal living library and right up there with the other great authors on this subject without hesitation. Not met Paul personally but do find a few faces familiar which made me smile. Many thanks, Paul. Hope there will be more to come in future but all the best for this fantastic first book.
    Kind regards.

  45. Mark Hotson (verified owner)

    Looking at the reviews already ‘posted’ I am not sure what I can add .
    I have known Paul since my very first ‘foray’ in to Bushcraft some 18 years ago. His attention to detail and pedant nature has always meant his tuition and advice have been ‘right up there’.
    The book , as expected, is a reflection of his deliberate and detailed attention…. The text and plethora of images make everything very self explanatory. Unlike many books , which cover similar topics ,this one is far from vague , every paragraph is enlightening.
    I would recommend it to anyone interested in spending time in the outdoors . Bushcraft is rather limiting it will appeal to a huge ‘audience’.
    My rating in my library ? Top four easily amongst Kochanski , Mears , Kephart. Educationally probably number one .
    Broadly speaking , if this man publishes read or listen, you will learn !

    Kind regards
    Mark H

  46. Chris hudson (verified owner)

    This book is one of the best set out, detailed and informative books I have bought on this topic I like the amount and quality of the photos, it’s all done step by step making it easy to follow and paul being paul its tone to the highest standards, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in this topic as it would provide then with the correct about of detail to start them off.

  47. Keir Frei (verified owner)

    Paul Kirtley does a great job of outlining the necessary mindset and attitude needed to undertake woodcraft projects in the woods.

    This book manages to be both a beginners guide and contain lessons for more seasoned outdoorsfolk.

    The wealth of photographs enhance the written text and tell a story all their own.

    I cannot recommend this book enough for either the beginner or not so beginner woodcrafter.

  48. Scotlyn O’Daniel (verified owner)

    Excellent book. For novice and skilled alike. Great resource to learn the basics to build upon and practice your skills. The book has great detailed color photos with instructions from Paul that’s easy to understand and always with safety first in mind. Well thought out with different variations in certain situations as needed. It not only covers axe skills but how to choose, care for and use in a way to get the most efficiency use in a survival situation along with other campcraft skills. Well done Paul! Highly recommend.

  49. Bob Baruch (verified owner)

    Hi Paul, You’ve written and produced a terrific book. The clarity of your instruction in conjunction with the photography is excellent.
    You’ve covered all of the bases as nearly as I can tell.
    Just when a fella thinks he’s got it all figured out, then along comes this guy from the UK to show him a thing or three.
    Very impressive indeed. I think I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger on a Gransfors Bruk Small Forest Axe. I was thinking of
    getting the Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe but I think the smaller axe would make more sense in a canoe and a rucksack.
    I live in a small town that’s adjacent to and within walking distance of the Medicine Bow National Forest.
    Good place to ‘carefully’ practice my axe skills.
    I promise not to throw my axes at anything (ok, only at dead stuff/ truly just kidding). My time would be vastly better spent at campcraft
    and making useful items from the wood.
    Thanks again Paul. Very well done Sir.
    Take care.

  50. Glenn (verified owner)

    An outstanding reference for anyone from layperson or forester to expand upon their existing basic Bushcraft skills this is essential reading.
    The book contains a wealth of information supported by excellent imagery and explanation of techniques, their relevance and key safety points are all very well presented.
    I will use it both as a reference book to polish up on skills and try some new ones! I will have no hesitation in recommending the book to anyone with an interest in wood craft or forestry.

    In a word OUTSTANDING

  51. Andy Hall (verified owner)

    I have been fortunate enough to attend the Woodcrafter course at Frontier Bushcraft. I also take advantage of the wealth of fantastic (& free!) articles and videos on the FB blog, Paul Kirtley’s blog/podcast as well as AskPaulKirtley. So when this book arrived, I was not surprised by the superb quality, attention to detail, clear instruction and high quality photos. This is a brilliant companion to attending the course. The additional online materials are an excellent touch- making the most of every medium to get information across in the clearest way and showing how much thought has gone into this. Was very glad to buy direct from the author and bought one for a friend as well. I expect I’ll making another order before Christmas shopping time too.

  52. Stephen Barney (verified owner)

    As you’d expect from Paul, he’s created a really fantastic book for anyone with even the slightest interest in not only axes, but also the outdoors. Great use of images and really clear and concise instructions to go with them, all from someone who’s been there and done it themselves. The links for the online resources are a really thoughtful bonus too! This is something I’ll use for years to come!

  53. Tom Morvan-Toone (verified owner)

    Paul’s unique teaching style comes to the fore, in this excellent book. If you are just starting on your journey into Bushcraft or wilderness skills, this book should be essential reading, and for those veterans, it should definitely be part of your library.
    Even if you are not particularly interested in the skills discussed, the quality and presentation makes you want to pick it up and delve in.
    Add this book to one of Paul’s excellent courses, and you will be well on your way in to honing your skills in a safe and efficient manor

  54. Wayne Hillis (verified owner)

    Well written, full of excellent instruction on so many critical subjects

  55. Bob Lever (verified owner)

    Very clearly written and well illustrated. A “must have” for every bushcrafter’s library. Every bit as good as as one would expect from such a skilled and seasoned tutor as Paul Kirtley

  56. Andrew Swallow (verified owner)

    I bought one for my partner and one for my best friend and camping buddy. Really love the personalised touch with the signed copies, really super touch. Love the book and have had to wrestle it off my partner at times to read. Very illustrative and absolutely stunning photography. A definite ‘must have’ for anyone interested in the outdoors. Paul, you really have a wonderful treasure here in this book. Thank you.

  57. Sam Ware (verified owner)

    Everything that I expected, and then some from Paul. Well thought out, logical in content and progress through the subjects covered. Clear instruction, reinforced with a wealth of pictures. I’ve even decided to keep myself busy by being inspired from the content. Let’s see how the “Bucksaw” construction goes in the man cave at the bottom of the garden!

  58. Robert Bullett (verified owner)

    Whether you are a beginner, or someone more experienced, this book has something for everyone.

    It is well written, clearly laid out and easy to follow, with superb pictures providing additional clarity to the instructions. It is also addictive – once it arrived I read it immediately and have gone back through it again and again to practice the skills shown.

    This is a great book which I would recommend to anyone interested in developing camping & bushcraft skills.

  59. Jennie (verified owner)

    Fantastic book, not read it all yet but skimming shows its going to be great for forest school and scouts

  60. Piers (verified owner)

    Been following Paul for many years now through all of his media outlets so I could not wait to read his first book. You will learn so much more about the craft we all love. Paul has bucked the trend of putting out a Bushcraft book which many of us already have. Learning to use an axe properly is probably the most important thing you can learn as they are by far the most lethal tools that we use in the wild or indeed the home. It’s beautifully written and illustrated by Paul. He is by far the best educator that we have on Bushcraft in this country. Highly recommend read for everyone

  61. Allen Sterk (verified owner)

    I’ve gone through roughly half the book so far I enjoy every page. I’m very experienced axe user and I still find at least a few items I was unclear on. I look forward to the additional pages

  62. Caroline Johnson (verified owner)

    I bought this book for my son and he was lucky to get it as when it arrived, I wanted to keep it. It has great photos and clear explanations. My son is very pleased with it and I think I may be getting a set of wooden spoons for Christmas!

  63. Kieron Green (verified owner)

    very good book . I really like that there are video links so you can see exactly what is ment

  64. Randy Breeuwsma (verified owner)

    Paul Kirtley is a world renowned survival/bushcraft instructor with a passion to teach it the correct way so you can maximize your time in the wilderness by doing it safely and correctly the first time.

    A very well laid out instructional book on how to safely use an axe, saw and knife. Paul shares his knowledge about making camp friendly tools and increases your knowledge with all kinds of tidbits of information about making your camp a home. This book is both for the novice and the experienced.
    Follow Paul on his very interesting podcasts and his other bushcraft activities @

    Randy & Lori Breeuwsma
    Karamat Wilderness Ways

  65. Mark ingman (verified owner)

    Excellent book, well put together and loads of great information and helpful tips, really good read.

  66. Phil Leath-Dawson (verified owner)

    Brilliant book, it is very informative and clearly written an supported with excellent illustrations (photos). Paul’s vast experience in bushcraft clearly shows through in the book with sensible and reliable advise. It is an interesting read for beginners to very seasoned outdoor people that will all benefit from reading it. As a very keen outdoor / woodsman I highly recommend this book.

  67. Alan Doyle (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the book, solid practical advice with excellent photos and illustrations to help guide and demonstrate so many tips, techniques and applications. Highly recommend this book!

  68. Ted Edgar (verified owner)

    Only half way through but very impressed, plenty of images, clear concise information, easy to navigate and arranged so as to enable dipping in to without having to read the whole book to find the bits you want. As stated in the front of the book this is not a beginners guide however I think it is written in such a way even beginners would be able to fully understand and apply the techniques described. Thank you Paul for a great addition to my library.

  69. Nigel Robertson (verified owner)

    This book is excellent. Anyone else like myself who has attended an axe proficiency course with any of the bush craft providers but found they may have forgotten some of techniques due to lack of immediate practise opportunities, then this book effectively provides you with course notes to go back to for reference.

  70. Sean Smart (verified owner)

    As with everything that Paul does, the quality of this book is exceptional. Over the past year, Paul has become my primary learning resource for all things outdoor and bushcraft, and his book is a wonderful addition to the courses, knowledge and materials he has provided. Thanks, Paul!

  71. Rody Klop (verified owner)

    Finally the book arrived and was long awaited. Due to customs and postage (really slow into the EU), it was a long waiting game.
    If you have any doubts about this book and the author, please do not ! Paul always get into the right details and never says a word too much. It is just spot on.

    All you need to know to handle an axe correctly besides numerous tips, to handle it safe like a pro. Saws and knives the same. Sharpening and care for your tools all there. Nothing biased, just the simple facts and no brawling like some instructors like to do. The information about carving very much detailed. Read this and you are good to go on the axe, knife and saw.

    The knots, there are a few, but not all in the book. Many references on the internet I would say. Pot hangers, perhaps there are some other variations left 😉 but this will certainly got you covered on all your trips.

    Is this a full reference book for bushcraft ? No. Does this book invite you to some subjects ? YES and very well too.
    I want to invite Paul Kirtley to write some more books…. The bushcraft community needs it.

    Highly recommended.



  72. Joe Elliott (verified owner)

    I have this book a couple of weeks now and have to say I’m well impressed. Clear and concise with easy to follow instructions backed up by photos. A Great read for the novice or even the more experienced bushcrafter, It Covers a wide range of topics yet not overpowering, I think Paul got the balance right. A must have in any bushcrafters library. Congratulations Paul looking forward to the next one.

  73. Barry Simpson (verified owner)

    Fantastic book loaded with years of expertise and outdoor skills to boost your wilderness knowledge.well worth a purchase.

  74. Brian Garland (verified owner)

    Incredible book, beautifully put together and written. Thanks!

  75. Drew Griffiths

    Hi Paul a lovely well put together book, I have on my coffee table. Always got it open whilst having my coffee in the morning. Looking forward to your next book. Thank you.
    5 stars 🌟

  76. Drew Griffiths

    Hi Paul a lovely well put together book, I have on my coffee table. Always got it open whilst having my coffee in the morning. Looking forward to your next book. Thank you.
    5 stars.

  77. James Francis

    First of all… I thought this book was going to like alot of the others I read in the past…..
    I thought it was going to be difficult to read or kind or boring like alot of the others and kind of impossible to reference….
    I am actually registered dyslexic.. So you can imagine wading through any kind of book is pretty much a mind field…. But truthfully.. Ive not found this difficult in any way at all..

    The pictures are clear enough to give me an idea of what needs to be done if I loose my way. “Huge bonus for me”

    I even imagine Pauls voice as I read it explaining things in the way he does…

    If your new to bushcraft.. You will definitely learn a thing or two in this book… And if your not new to Bushcraft/campcraft. Then you will still learn a thing or two in this book.

    5 stars from me all day long.

  78. Ryan Grzesiak (verified owner)

    Paul’s book conveys both the superior bushcraft/wilderness experience and the kindness of his character. Everything is very well thought out and conveyed to the reader. It is exciting and informative in how the mind takes you to that outdoor place. The book is a testament to Paul’s experience and ability to teach and share his knowledge.

    The inscription he wrote to my two sons was such a special, extra touch. They both couldn’t believe that “he knows who we are!” Paul you’ve inspired me and created a spark for my boys all in one.

    Many thanks and all the best.

  79. René Terpstra (Netherlands) (verified owner)

    Really a very good book on the subject and a delight to read. One easily recognizes true handson experience which is formulated in clear, concise instructions. Well done. I would not mind reading more of this.
    As a pleasant side effect it brings back fond memories of the course which I followed 2 years ago at Frontier Bushcraft and also happy anticipation of next years course which happens to be, most conveniently, the Woodcrafter Course.

    I hope to finish reading the book soon, that is, when my son allows me to. He just got his Swedish Boy’s axe for his fifteenth birthday and seems to find the book quite useful too..

  80. Caolan Faux (verified owner)

    Unparalleled, Unrivaled & Unmatched Inspiration!

    The fact that one of the worlds leading experts and producers of quality Bushcraft & wilderness resources has only now produced this book shows.

    I’ve been a fan of Paul’s written resources for many years and found him to be a wonderful balance of practical and expert. With that in mind I bought Wilderness Axe & Camp Craft with some degree of trepidation that much of what was covered may have already been covered in free tutorials. Whilst some of the topics have indeed been covered in passing this book presents the most beautiful, palatable narrative combining cohesive text with a lifetime of pictures and experience.

    Everyone who walks into my house, bushcrafter and naturephobe alike have been struck by the beautiful presentation.

    Paul will do well out of my Christmas shopping this year.

  81. Martin Green (verified owner)

    Loved the book Paul. Brings back memories of the campcraft course you ran at Woodlore.
    A pocket size version like the Collins books would be a great addition.

  82. Jan Hoeglund (verified owner)

    A very informativ Book with lots and lots of very sharp Pictures showing tips on using an Axe, a Knife and Saw, as well as the safety aspect.
    A must have, if Your into Backpacking, Bushcraft or Canoing.

    Jan H. Sweden

  83. Per Hodnemyr (verified owner)

    It is a nice book with well worded text. The pictures, of which there are many, are very instructive.

  84. Rich Kerhlikar (verified owner)

    I received your signed book today (September 16, 2021) in Illinois USA! I’m very excited to say that this book exceeds all of my expectations!!

    The photos, the details and the writing are very excellent.

    Getting this book in the USA is not a cheap deal. The shipping cost was £27.65 which was more than the book itself. But, I’m very happy and very impressed with its content.


  85. Gavin Coles (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase, and happy to have the book inscribed and signed by Paul

    Having a browse through the book it is obvious that it will be a great asset for any outdoorsman, all the way from experts to the humble hobbyist such as myself – It is a bit like having a whole bushcraft axe course on your shelf! and that is actually key to why I pulled the trigger and hit the buy button – I mainly get my information from articles and videos, but should we ever face an emergency that disrupts the power supply or the internet, we will be reaching to the bookshelf for our instruction, so it is a wise move to have the right books, such as this one, ready in advance.

    Hopefully any fears of civil disruption are unfounded, but in these uncertain times who can say for sure? And should everything turn out ok, then I expect the book will provide many a winter night’s company, with a cocoa (or a whisky) in hand. Comfy!

  86. Andrew Rigby (verified owner)

    An absolutely lovely book. Not only lovely but very useful. The perfect companion to the online bushcraft training that Paul offers via Frontier Bushcraft.
    The online videos are a great way to get an understanding of various bushcraft skills. But it is not so handy when you’re trying something new out to find the video where you saw Paul do this but it is easy to pick up the book and flick to the right page.
    The plethora of quality pictures and great references within the text make it easy to understand to do things like sharpen your knives, carve a spoon, safely use a knife etc. etc.
    Recommended for beginners and experts alike – I think there is something for everyone here.

  87. André EA (verified owner)

    Very informative book. If you are into axe work, you have to read this book. There is so much knowledge and there are so many tips. Not only on axes and how to use them, but also on sharpening, maintenance, carving, fire, campcraft and much more. And the additional videos (links in the book) are a fantastic help to learn even more.

  88. Frank Soros (verified owner)

    Hi Paul,

    Firstly thank you for this book. Having spent some time with it I am firmly convinced that it it will become a classic text. I think the title of the book is a misnomer. While you address the topic of axes, your book and the additional resources you make available to readers through the additional links makes an extremely valuable resource to all readers more broadly on the topic of bushcraft.

    I found your book to be beautifully and pragmatically well illustrated to deliver your message and knowledge. Also extremely valuable as a step by step “how to” guide.
    Not only on the the topic of axe use and care, but also on the topic of knife usage and care.

    The safe usage of bushcraft tools was also not lost on me.

    I congratulate you on what I believe will become a seminal text on the topic of bushcraft education for future generations.

    Thank you for signing my copy.

    Thank you for dedication to bushcraft education.

  89. Gavin Mulholland (verified owner)

    I deliberately delayed writing this review until I had time to actually get out in the woods and put some of the information into practice.
    Having done so, I have to say that this is an excellent piece of work from Paul Kirtley.
    Plenty of content and I learned a lot from reading it. So much so, that I went back over the chapters that I skipped earlier as I thought I would already know the stuff – only to find that I was wrong. Paul finds a way to punctuate even the most basic of skills with a little bit of ‘extra’ useful information.
    A fantastic book and well worth the investment.
    Great stuff!

  90. Ash El-Gammal (verified owner)

    Thank you Paul for such an impressive go to book, I know most of this information is available on the web in videos, podcasts, articles, talks… now it is in one place, in full colour with details instructions and photography, a must have for canoeist or anyone planning multi-day journeys and wilderness trips. A very useful skill sets to have, presented in a well structured book.
    Love it

  91. Katayoun Dowlatshahi (verified owner)

    A wonderful book full of helpful insight into this subject. I was impressed with the quality of production and content. I bought the book for my husband who was most pleased with it.

  92. Cédric Giroud (verified owner)

    Really Nice book full of applicable knowledge. You see that it is the sum of years of practice in doing the stuff and teaching it.

    I was famillar with the content as i follow all the article published on the web by paul from quite some years.
    This book is a great synthesis in a physical format.

    Well done Paul !

  93. Vince McGrath (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous book, it is a high quality product with clear, concise text and excellent colour photographs which are with the text and action is shown by sequential photos.
    The book is packed with useful information. This book is a valuable addition to anyone’s library, I cannot recommend it enough.
    Thanks Paul for making this book available to all.

  94. Nick (verified owner)

    Great book love the illustrations. Great information and presentation

  95. Mark Bellinger (verified owner)

    The attention to detail and quality in this book is simply first-class.
    The skills and knowledge presented are priceless, and in a digital age, we should not forget how valuable printed media is and will be to future generations.
    Thank you, Paul, for your service.

  96. Ken Nielsen (verified owner)

    – For the experienced as well as the novice
    – Well structured
    – Collects all the information needed for practical use in one place
    – Can be read from start to finish as a whole or as a work of reference
    – Good quality paper
    – Not only about axe craft but likewise about knives

  97. Terry (verified owner)

    Fantastic book filled with lots of useful knowledge. A great resource for people looking to develop their bushcraft skills. Very informative and well written.

  98. Kurt Hoelzl (verified owner)

    Hello Paul,
    I received your book as a present for Christmas and now I devour the content as if I had never heard of chopping, knives, specific woodcutting techniques, carving or anything like that before. In your unique way of explaining things in such a way that you easily understand them, you have again managed to depict and vividly explain these key techniques of Bushcraft.

    After knowing the survival scene and the contents it teaches in many European countries, I am firmly convinced that you trained many of these people through your online courses and that they are now trying to pass on your knowledge. However, you remain the original.

    The same goes for your book ‘Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft’ – it is again a forerunner of a key topic for Bushcraft and survival. I am sure that this book will become a kind of bible for chopping wood by the simplest means – and this book should not be missing in any Bushcraft library. I look forward to your future activities.

  99. Kevin (verified owner)

    Excellent book,
    Each subjects are well treated.

    The choice of words are very good, the type of pictures, and the layout in its ensemble are well done, no mistakes in my point of view.

    This book is a serious tool to consider if you want to step up your knowledge and skills.

  100. Simon (verified owner)

    Fantastic book that brings the same focus on excellence, detail, clarity and safety that Paul brings to his in person teaching. The book shares practical and well-illustrated advice for techniques that are usable safely and with minimal tools in wilderness environments. If you’re interested in axe and campcraft skills this would be a great addition to your library. Congratulations Paul, hopefully this is the first of many!

  101. Greg Coleman (verified owner)

    I’ve only skimmed the book so far, but it seems to be comprehensive, clearly set out and well illustrated. This will be one of our “go to” bushcraft books. Thanks!

  102. Rachel & Stephen (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding book, a real insight into the subject with Paul’s particularly engaging way of presenting and teaching. As said elsewhere; a real go-to reference source, with additional assets available from included links to online material. This book complements Paul’s online media material and the face-to-face courses he offers. Very highly recommended, as this physical book is beautifully bound and presented. In addition to the inscription and signed greeting in the book; Paul even included a nice personal message on a postcard regarding a delivery delay which was out of his control. I note that this book offer is curently ‘Out of Stock’ which dosen’t suprise me in the least, but surely it must be offered once agin in the near future. Here’s hoping!
    Thanks Paul, keep up the good work!

  103. MartyS

    After ten days or so of review, I can definitely say that this is an extremely useful and comprehensive book. Highly recommended. Fantastic paper quality and binding. The numerous high quality photos are very helpful. I like the emphasis on safety and care of the tools. If anyone wants a book on woodcraft, outdoor axe skills, and camp craft this is by far the best I’ve ever come across. It is exceptional. I own numerous outdoor books and none are anywhere as good as this. Thanks, Paul, for publishing this outstanding book. I hope you publish more in the future. Based on this, I will purchase all of them!

  104. Mark (verified owner)

    A great book. Very informative and well structured. Perfect for all levels of experience and knowledge. A welcome addition to any book shelf and one I shall be returning to time and again.Thank you Paul for sharing your wealth knowledge.

  105. Swamp Wilkins

    What a fantastic read and brilliant as a field manual too. Have had two weeks to read bits and practice skills as part of instructor mentoring scheme and it`s excellent. Brilliant photographs throughout & clear text. Quality job Paul. Top customer service with ordering & delivery too.

  106. David (verified owner)

    Professor Kirtley has managed to frame the basic foundations of bushcraft for our current busy lifestyles in a clear and concise manner.
    I particularly enjoy the combination of book and digital resources.
    This really allows for a more complete understanding of the tools and techniques required to enjoy our time in Nature with confidence.
    A must have for any aspiring bushcraft student.
    Warning, you’ll be the poorer without it!
    Thank you for a great book.

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